1) The _______________ _____________ provides a shortcut between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. a) Panama Canal b) Erie Canal c) Strait of Magellan d) Indian Ocean 2) Most of the Amazon Rainforest is contained in the country of ___________. a) Panama b) Nicaragua c) Brazil d) Argentina 3) What direction is the Caribbean Sea from the continent of South America? _____________ a) South b) North c) East d) West 4) After Columbus’ voyages, the _______________ Exchange had a dramatic impact on later societies. a) Market b) Latin c) World d) Columbian 5) Lack of immunity to European _______________ led to the death of thousands of Native Americans. a) economics b) habits c) diseases d) manners 6) The origin of the Mestizos can be traced to the marriage and offspring of Natives and _____________. a) Spanish b) Aztec c) Inca d) Mayan 7) The ________ built special irrigation canals in the Andes Mountains to bring water to their crops. a) Aztec b) Inca c) Mayan d) Spanish 8) A government that is led by a military group that takes over a country by force is called a __________. a) Banana Republic b) Communist c) Socialist d) Junta 9) In the rain forest region of South America, farmers use a technique called __________________________. a) plow and sow b) strip and plant c) slash and burn d) plant and harvest 10) Brazil is the world’s number one exporter of many ________________ products. a) industrial b) agriculture c) cosmetic d) medical 11) The _____________ language is the dominant language spoken in Brazil. a) Portuguese b) Brazilian c) Spanish d) Latin 12) The most popular sport in Latin America is __________. a) Golf b) Racing c) Futbol d) Cricket 13) The Atacama Desert the driest place on earth because of ocean currents and the _________________. a) poor soil b) lack of sunlight c) rain shadow effect d) distance from the rain forest 14) The Incas could grow crops on steep mountain sides by using a farming method called_____________. a) terracing b) plowing c) sowing d) harvesting 15) The construction and operation of the Panama Canal would increase trade and jobs, a _____ factor. a) Fear b) Non c) Push d) Pull 16) When a country seizes and controls companies and businesses, it is an example of a) crime b) communism and or socialism c) economic roulette d) economic mayhem 17) Tourism is an example of a ___________ type of industry. a) agriculture b) manufacturing c) retail d) service 18) Because so much of Latin America was settled by the Spanish, the largest religion in the region is a) Protestant b) Jewish c) Roman Catholic d) Voodoo 19) A written constitution and separation of government powers are the hallmark of a a) limited government b) unlimited government c) communist government d) Junta government





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