Autonomous & Semi-Autonomous Region: def: a region of a country that has a certain freedom from an external authority , ex. Native American reservations, Tibet, Greenland, , Nation: def: group of people sharing certain cultural elements who feel territoriality over a particular piece of land , ex. Korea, Taiwan, region shown: East Asia, State: def: a political unit having a gov’t with power over a group of people living in a territory with defined boundaries , ex. Italy, South Africa, can be multiethnic, like the US or Canada, and/or multinational, like the UK or Russia, Stateless Nation: def: a group of people who share a culture but who do not have sovereignty over any territory & are not the majority of the population in any state, ex. Palestinians, Kurds, region shown: Middle East,

4.1 Intro to Political Geog/Political Entities





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