1) has a positive charge a) proton b) neutron c) electron d) nucleus 2) has NO electrical charge a) proton b) electron c) neutron d) nucleus 3) has a negative charge a) electron b) neutron c) nucleus d) proton 4) smallest part of an element a) atom b) nucleus c) electron d) cloud 5) where negative charges are found racing around a) nucleus b) middle c) with neutrons d) electron cloud 6) Most,Mass,Middle...where protons & neutrons are found a) nucleus b) electron cloud c) rings d) in lines 7) what everything is made up of - has mass & takes up space a) matter b) atomic number c) nucleus d) electron cloud 8) these particles move fast, are hyper & bounce all over a) liquids b) solids c) particle theory d) gases 9) particles are loose but can slide around a) solids b) liquids c) gases d) particle theory 10) These particles are packed tightly a) solids b) gases c) liquids d) atoms 11) atoms are mostly a) matter b) protons c) neutrons d) empty space 12) matter made of 1 kind of atom; can be found on the periodic table a) H2O2 b) Fe comes from the ____ word for Iron c) element d) electron 13) nucleus/core a) matter b) atomic Mass c) center of the atom d) has electrons 14) At the TOP tells the # of PROtons a) atomic number b) electron c) empty space d) shells / cloud / energy levels 15) Is MORE b/c it's got 2 parts...Protons and neutrons a) atomic Mass b) gases c) empty space d) element 16) Latin a) neutron b) nucleus c) Fe comes from the ____ word for Iron d) atomic Mass 17) 14 a) proton b) atom c) How many protons does Silicon have? d) matter 18) Hydrogen a) nucleus b) solids c) The rule breaker d) center of the atom 19) tells the number of atoms in a compound a) matter b) model c) subscript d) H2O2 20) example of a compound a) atomic number b) O c) H2O2 d) H 21) the number in front of a formula that tells how many molecules there are. a) co-efficient b) empty space c) atomic Mass d) How many protons does Silicon have?

Maze Chase Atoms and Matter & PT 2020



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