1) Treaty that officially ended World War 1 a) Treaty of Versailles b) Treaty of Paris c) Treaty of Berlin d) Treaty of Potsdam e) Treaty of Valasco f) Treaty of Trent 2) Event that started World War 2 a) Assassination of Franz Ferdinand b) Bombing of Tokyo c) Germany invades Poland d) Battle of Midway e) D-Day f) Hitler named Chancellor 3) Event that Caused the United States to join World War 2 a) Invasion of Poland b) D-Day c) Pearl Harbor d) Request by the British e) Holocaust f) Invasion of the Philippines 4) American President during World War 1 a) Franklin Roosevelt b) Nevile Chamberlain c) Bill Clinton d) Woodrow Wilson e) Harry Truman f) Jimmy Carter 5) Hitler's political party a) Democrats b) Nazi c) Republicans d) Gestapo e) Trumpers f) Labour 6) Type of warfare used in World War 1 a) Conventional b) Hide and Seek c) Guerrilla d) Blitzkrieg e) Island Hopping f) Trench 7) Day of the World War 1 Armistice a) November 18, 1911 b) November 11, 1911 c) November 18, 1918 d) November 11, 1918 e) June 6, 1944 f) December 7, 1941 8) Country that attacked Pearl Harbor a) Germany b) Russia c) Italy d) Japan e) Korea f) China 9) The "trigger event" starting World War 1 a) Assassination of Franz Ferdinand b) Bolshevik Revolution c) Assassination of the Czar of Russia d) Assassination of the Kaiser of Germany e) Beer Hall Putsch f) Attack on Pearl Harbor 10) Germany, Italy, and Japan joined together to form a) Allied Powers b) Axis Powers c) Triple Alliance d) Triple Entente e) Big Three f) Democratic Alliance 11) U. S. president who ordered the atomic bomb dropped on Japan a) Harry Truman b) Franklin Roosevelt c) Dwight Eisenhower d) Woodrow Wilson e) Herbert Hoover f) Ulysses Grant 12) German term meaning "lightning war" a) Gestapo b) Blitzkrieg c) Luftwaffe d) Putsch e) Stuka Attack f) Hamburg 13) First city where atomic bomb was dropped a) Hong Kong b) Shanghai c) Hiroshima d) Tokyo e) Hanoi f) Yokohama 14) Country that divided Poland with Germany a) Austria b) Turkey c) Italy d) Soviet Union e) Brussels f) Prussia 15) Date of Allied invasion of Europe a) September 1, 1939 b) June 6, 1944 c) May 7, 1945 d) December 7, 1941 e) July 4 1944 f) September 11, 1943 16) Prime Minister of Britain during World War 2 a) Winston Churchill b) Joseph Stalin c) Benito Mussolini d) Harry S Truman e) Franklin D. Roosevelt f) Woodrow Wilson 17) German air assault on London a) The Barrage b) The Blitz c) The Bombardment d) The Flurry e) The Salvo f) The Storm 18) The most damaged battleship at Pearl Harbor a) USS Oklahoma b) USS Nevada c) USS Indianapolis d) USS Enterprise e) USS Arizona f) USS Texas 19) Second Japanese city where atomic bomb was dropped a) Tokyo b) Hiroshima c) Nagasaki d) Shanghai e) Hong Kong f) Hanoi 20) Roosevelt's attempt to peacefully deal with Japan a) Diplomatic letter b) Ultimatum c) Negotiation d) Embargo e) Summit f) Pay Japan money





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