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1) The Natural Environment Research Council invited the public to suggest names for its research vessel. Which bizarre suggestion received over 27,000 votes? a) Boaty McBoatface b) Facey McFaceBook c) HMS Pugwash d) HMS Boat 2) The first ever what, was grown in space on the International Space Station in 2016? a) Moustache b) Flower c) Bacteria d) Potato e) Butterfly f) Baby 3) Which TV drama/sci-fi/horror, starring David and Gillian returned after a break of 13 years? a) Seinfeld b) South Park c) The X Files d) Him & Her 4) Which Formula 1 World Champion has announced his retirement? a) Jenson Button b) Nico Rosberg c) Lewis Hamilton d) Lloyd Grossman 5) Which MP challenged, and lost to Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour Party leadership election of 2016? a) Owen Smith b) Yvette Cooper c) Andy Burnham d) Tom Watson e) Betty Boothroyd f) Theresa May 6) In October, Samsung announced it would stop production of Note 7 phones after devices caught fire. In which country are they based? a) South Korea b) China c) Taiwan d) Japan 7) Who did Novak Djokovic beat to win the Australian Open? a) Nick Kyrgios b) Rafael Nadal c) Stan Wawrinka d) Andy Murray e) Roger Federer 8) Who was the first British International Space Station astronaut who returned to earth in June after 186 days in space? a) Buzz Aldrin b) Tim Peake c) Michael Foale d) Jim Kirk 9) Which athlete ended his career at the Rio Olympics, after winning his 23rd Gold medal, making him the world's most decorated Olympian? a) Boris Shakhlin b) Michael Phelps c) Bjørn Dæhlie d) Mark Spitz 10) In January, Oxfam published a report stating that the world's 62 richest people are as wealthy as the combined wealth of what proportion of the world's population? a) 10 percent b) 20 percent c) 50 percent 11) Hurricane Matthew devastated which island nation in October 2016? a) Haiti b) Malta c) Jamaica d) Madagascar 12) Which musician won the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature? a) David Bowie b) Leonard Cohen c) Bob Dylan d) Paul McCartney 13) In June 2016, Amanda Spielman was announced as the new Chief Inspector of Schools. Whom does she replace? a) Sir Michael Wilshaw b) David Hoare c) Sir Chris Woodhead d) Christine Gilbert 14) The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited which country, five years after they first visited the country in 2011? a) Australia b) Canada c) South Africa d) New Zealand 15) In April 2016, the new national living wage requires all workers over 25 years old to at least how much per hour? a) £6.70 b) £7.20 c) £8.15 d) £9.10 16) Which 1961 Pulitzer Prize winning novelist died in February 2016? a) Margaret Forster b) Harper Lee c) Margaret Atwood d) Christopher Hitchens 17) 2016 marked the 950th anniversary of which battle? a) Bosworth Field b) Hastings c) Trafalgar 18) Angelina Jolie separated from husband Brad Pitt: how many children (including adopted) do they have together? a) Two b) Three c) Four d) Five e) Six f) Seven 19) Which historical figure features on the reverse of the new polymer five pound note? a) Florence Nightingale b) Isaac Newton c) Winston Churchill 20) In which month did the EU referendum occur? a) April b) May c) June d) July e) August f) September

2016 - quiz of the year!

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