1) It sometimes (snows/is snowing) here in April. 2) It (snows/is snowing) now. 3) Every morning mother (cooks/is cooking) breakfast for us. 4) It is 8 o’clock now. Mother (cooks/ is cooking) breakfast.  5) Every day father (leaves/is leaving) the house at half past eight. 6) Now it is half past eight. Father (leaves/is leaving) the house. 7) We often (watch/are watching) TV. 8) Now we (sit/ are sitting) in armchairs and (watch/are watching) TV. 9) Sometimes Mike (does/is doing) his lessons in the evening. 10) Look at Mike. He (does/is doing) his lessons. 11) It often (rains/is raining) in September. 12) It (rains/is raining) now. 13) Every day the family (has/is having) tea at 5 o’clock. 14) It is 5 o’clock now. The family (has/is having) tea.

Present Simple or Continious?


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