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1) The _________ boy went to the playground. a) smal b) small c) smorll d) smorl 2) I wrote on the playground with __________. a) chalk b) chorlk c) chorllk d) challk 3) The ________ of the plant holds it upright. a) storllk b) stallk c) storlk d) stalk 4) The baby is learning to ________. a) tallk b) talk c) tork d) torlk 5) Can you ________ silently to the hall? a) work b) wallk c) walk d) worlk 6) The children were kicking the sponge ______. a) borll b) borl c) bal d) ball 7) I would _______ like to come a) orso b) also c) orlso d) allso 8) Be careful not to _____? a) fall b) fal c) forl d) forll 9) We have assembly in the _____. a) horll b) hal c) hall d) horl 10) The _____ was very high and wide. a) worl b) wall c) worll d) wal 11) I _________ say thank you to people. a) orlways b) allways c) orllways d) always 12) I am _______ as tall as my older sister. a) orlmost b) almost c) orllmost d) allmost

Spelling Aut1:1 - the or sound spelt with a before l and ll

av Jennyhiscock


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