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Folkmusik - Music genres that are only played in certain parts of the world, Populärmusik - Music that you can often hear on the radio today. It is played all over the world , Samba - Comes from South America and is also a dance. The music is played with many drums, Rock - A genre that makes you think about electric guitars and screamy singing about sex and the devil, Hip hop - A genre where the text is talked instead of sing, Pop - The most ordinary genre that mostly is about love and dancing, Country - The lyrics in this genre tells generally a story. It's from south of USA and makes you think about cowboys and acoustic guitars, Konstmusik - Music genres that were created long ago, like classical music, opera, church music as psalms, Reggae - This folk music comes from Jamaica and is played on the syncope, Elektronisk musik - Quite a new genre made by sound in computers and synths,

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