Skapa bättre lektioner snabbare a usually followed up (investigated and researched) and written by a reporter/journalist. It's usually aboutsomething that is happening in the general news world. - Article, an opinion piece written by a person who shares their beliefs and opinions about a subjectwith the readers - Column, a piece of writing usually written by editor or senior staff at a magazine/newspaper. - Editorial , Who would use the phrase "I believe..." - Column, Who's writing would be placed in a magazine or newpaper - Editorial, Which of these is usually backed up with a further investigation and or research? - Article, Which one would be written by senior staff or editor? - Editorial, What type would an agony aunt write? - Column, Who would write an article? - Written by a reporter, journalist or guest author., what type of writing would talk about what's happening in the general news world? - Article,

EGS Type of Non-Fiction Writing


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