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1) The champion the Olympic Games with the best time. a) set a new record b) broke the rules c) held the record 2) If you do canoeing you will need ..... a) goggles b) paddles c) poles 3) ........ is a very dangerous sport. a) car racing b) swimming c) motor racing 4) If you want to do ...... you will need a sword. a) fencing b) surfing c) canoeing 5) an extreme sport. a) archery b) golf c) bungee jumping 6) ........ is a combat sport. a) table tennis b) karate c) weightlifting 7) To play football you need ..... a) helmet b) spikes c) studded shoes 8) When the scores are nil- nil ,it is a ....... a) elimination b) win c) draw 9) If you are a boxer you will need boxing ......... a) net b) gloves c) pole 10) .... is an ancient sport a) archery b) cycling c) windsurfing
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