- Always be 20 minutes late or always be 20 minutes early., - Look like Donald Duck or be like Donald Duck., - Never use Google again or never use Instagram again., - Have your face on a 50 euro note or have your face on a 10 euro note., - Eat a hamburger with a hot dog bread or eat a hot dog with a hamburger bread., - Get one hundred thousand euros or get a magical coin., - You are not allowed to brush your hair for the next two years or you are not allowed to brush your teeth for the next six months., - Never listen to music again or never speak English again., - Your father decides what you will eat for the next three years or your teacher is your new neighbour., - You can't remember your phone number or your friends can't remember your phone number., - You never know what day it is or you can't your use a cell phone again., - Everytime you are really angry you start to laugh for about 10 minutes or everytime your phone rings you start to jump like a frog and talk like a frog., - Know every language in the world except Swedish and English or only know Swedish., - Snow at Midsummer or rain at Christmas., - Always forget your pincode or always forget you mother's birthday., - You can tell a lie without your friends knowing it's a lie or you can always tell if your friends are lying., - You can't watch Youtube again or you can't watch TV again., - Your best friend is a monkey or your best friend is Santa Claus., - You have to walk around with flippers all year round or everytime someone says your name you have to sing for one minute., - Always have a stone in your shoe or always have wet socks., - Go two days without sleeping or go sleepwalking for two days., - Snakes that can fly or spiders that can be as big as a car., - Travel back in time or meet yourself as 90 years old., - Win an Olympic medal and nobody remembers you or finish last in a race and everybody remembers you., - Never eat breakfast again or never eat pizza again., - Working hard or hardly working., - Always have chewing gum in your hair or never eat candy again., - Have a tail or have two horns., - Never send a text message from your cell phone again or never take a selfie again., - Be 10 meters tall or be 10 centimeters tall., - Have to tidy your room every day or never tidy your room., - It rains all summer or you have to do homework during the summer., - Never know your teachers' names or the teachers never know your name..





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