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What did you think of Paris? - It was wonderful!, Who are you pointing at? - That man over there., What do you know about Nepal? - Nothing much. Is it near India?, Which river runs through London? - The Thames., Who´s that woman over there? - That´s Emma - my sister´s best friend., Can you hear the sound of the guitar? - Yes, it´s coming frpm the park., Is an elephant stronger than a mouse? - Yes, much stronger., How long did you stay in London? - Just one week., Where did John finish in the race? - He came last., Why can´t I touch the fire? - Because it´s very hot., Where did you live before you came to Sweden? - In Iraq., What´s wrong with your finger? - I cut it., Can you get past? - Yes, thanks. There´s lots of room., Did he ride his bike to school? - No, he walked., What´s that bright light in sky? - That´s the planet Venus., Why are you so sad? - Because my dog has died.,

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