1) awkward, something that makes your face turn red. a) apartment b) embarrassing c) wearing d) mean 2) look sad a) invited b) trick c) pirate d) look depressed 3) strange a) weird b) embarrassing c) stared d) mean 4) why a) even b) mad c) parrot d) how come 5) asked someone to do something with you a) costume party b) pirate c) invited d) mad 6) party where people wear funny clothes a) stepmom b) costume party c) apartment d) wearing 7) Blackbeard was one a) pirate b) parrot c) mad d) mean 8) a bird you might see in the jungle a) pirate b) trick c) mean d) parrot 9) Dad's new wife a) stepmom b) stared c) even d) apartment 10) looked very hard a) stared b) look depressed c) weird d) how come 11) a home where your neighbors are very close a) invited b) stepmom c) apartment d) wearing 12) having on your body a) wearing b) mean c) trick d) mad 13) nasty a) weird b) mad c) angry d) mean 14) angry a) mean b) mad c) weird d) even 15) something you play on someone or fool them a) trick b) weird c) parrot d) pirate 16) not the winner and not the loser - just the same a) apartment b) mean c) look depressed d) even





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