1) A:Do you want some cereal? a) No, it is all gone. b) Yes, please. c) Yes, I am thirsty. 2) I 😀 pancakes at breakfast, but I 😞 cereal at breakfast. a) like/love b) like/don't hate c) love/hate 3) Do you like🍳at breakfast? a) Boiled eggs b) Fried eggs c) Eggs and chips 4) Japanese people love having 🍲 at breakfast. a) Tea b) Soup c) Cucumber 5) I like eating ......... at breakfast. a) Cucumbers and tomatoes b) Sausages and cucumbers c) Cucumbers and bread 6) I 😞 Jam at breakfast. a) like b) don't like c) hates 7) I like ......... at breakfast. a) Olive and bagel b) Olives and cheese c) Cheese and oil 8) Do we have any pancakes? a) Sorry, it's all gone. b) Yes, it is delicious c) Yes, it is nutritious 9) Junk food a) Fried eggs b) Cucumbers c) Croissant 10) Drinks a) Orange b) Fruit juice c) Jam 11) Kavanoz a) Jar b) Jug c) Jam 12) Dilim a) Slice b) Piece c) Loaf 13) Bir Somun Ekmek a) A jar of bread b) A mug of bread c) A loaf of bread 14) A cup of............. boşluğa hangisi gelmez? a) Coffee b) Tea c) Orange juice

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