Gus Hi, guys! I'm in an internet cafe. It's ____ heavily ____. I'm____ up with this weather. It's raining all the ____. Nemo I don't know ____ you can live in Scotland. There are nicer ____ to go to study. Gus Scotland's ____. It's the winter I don't like. It's grey ____ every day. I hate ____. Amelia Hey! You think that's ____! It's ____ here in Switzerland. It's ____ again. There is so ____ snow sometimes that I can't even go ____. Gus That's not my ____ of place, then. Nemo It's summer here in Australia and I'm ____ a great time. I'm sitting on the ____ at the ____ and it is very, very hot. I love the summer. Amelia You are ____. Nemo I am. Anyway, how are ____ going for you?




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