Customers: - (i)Low prices (ii) Good choice of products (iii) High Quality Products, Shareholders and Potential investors: - (i) High dividends (ii) High share prices (iii) Voting rights, Local Residents: - (i) Minimise pollution (ii) reduce traffic congestion (iii) more local jobs, Pressure groups: - (i) Stop child labour (ii) Preserve the woodlands and forests (iii) Stop product testing on animals, Suppliers: - (i) High prices (ii) Regular orders (iii) Being paid on time, Banks and lenders: - (i) High interest rates (ii) being paid back on time (iii) Business loyalty, Owners (sole-traders and partners): - (i) Make enough profit (ii) Achieve business growth (iii) Be competitive, Employees and Trade Unions: - (i) Job security (ii) Good working conditions (iii) High pay, Central Government: - (i) Health and Safety (ii) Collecting taxes (iii) Being environmentally friendly, Local Government: - (i) Environmental health (ii) Building control (iii) Stopping fly tipping,

Stakeholders and their Objectives


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