inflow - Cash that comes into the business , credit - An agreement that a customer will pay for something at a later date, breakeven - When the business is not making a profit or a loss, revenue - The amount of money that a business earns from selling its product or service, diseconomy - ____________ of scale: when growth of a business leads to an increase in average unit cost, currentasset - An asset that does not last long and will be used within the year, dividend - A payment that a shareholder gets if the company makes a profit, limited - This type of company can issue new shares as a source of finance, marginofsafety - The gap between the current level of output and the breakeven output, employed - Capital ___________: all of the money that has been put into the business, e.g. shareholders' funds, long-term liabilities , bankloan - A source of finance that involves borrowing money from a financial institution, variablecost - A cost that increases as a firm expands output, unitcost - How much each product costs to make, profit - The amount of money left over after costs are taken away from the revenue, depreciation - The amount of money that assets have lost over time due to wear and tear, financial - Statement of __________ position: Can be used to assess a business's performance at a point in time. Capital employed and net assets should balance , liquidity - How easy an asset can be turned into money, costs - The amount of money that a business has to spend, corporation - A type of tax that the Government receives from businesses, investment - Money that is put into the business to make improvements in order to make the business more profitable,

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