1) Your phone rings its Shan from office B you forgot to complete a task by its deadline. what do you do? a) Apologise with empathy that the deadline has been missed, but explain you are under additional pressures too. b) You let the call ring off your too busy to answer and don't want to deal with Shan c) Answer the phone tell Shan your too busy to talk and hang up. d) Answer but quickly become defensive and angry e) Answer, listen, apologise and agree a way forward. f) Before Shan has chance to complain call her and let her know you are under pressure and cannot make the dead line and agree a new date. 2) A customer calls the cleaner hasn't cleaned their house for 2 weeks properly what must you do? a) Listen and take down al the relevant details b) Agree to call back with an outcome once you have investigate the complaint. c) Get annoyed Mr Hobs is always complaining and is a pain. Tell him you'll look into it and hang up. d) Agree for a manager to call back to discuss the repeat issues. e) Tell them there is nothing you can do you don't manage the cleaners. f) Show empathy and respect? 3) Bob walks in from the street his housing issues haven't been resolved and his council tax hasn't been paid. a) You take down all his details and store in line with GDPR. b) You take down his details and leave them on your desk your about to go Jo can pick it up later.  c) You cant hear Bob correctly so just guess his details are correct. d) You repeat all details paying attention to name and ID for the customer filling out records and confirming the next step. e) Ignore Bob, your colleague can pick this up. Go make a cuppa. f) Smile show open friendly body language even though Bob is angry and shouting. Follow company procedures to remind Bob of conduct.




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