1) Listening is not communicating a) true b) false 2) A stern look from an adult to a child is called a) non verbal communication b) sign langauge 3) It is good practice to finish a child's sentence for them if they are stuggling to say a word a) true b) false 4) An adult reads to a group of children using lots of expression. The teacher uses props and actions to get the children involved. The children in the group are more likely to: a) become distracted and stop listening b) be attentive and listen 5) When talking to children it is a) good to use eye contact and facial expression b) not good to use eye contact and a variety of facial expressions. 6) At story time it is a) important to answer children’s questions about a story b) important that children listen in silence and do not ask questions at story time. 7) when speaking to a child a) never get down to their level b) always get down to their level

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