1) Which of the following are Political Factors? a) Unemployment b) Laws c) Demographics d) Tax e) Interest Rates f) Government Funding Grants & Initiatives  2) Which of the following is an environmental Factor? a) Automation b) Lifestyle c) Customer Values / Ethics d) Recycling e) Regulations f) E-learning 3) Which of the following is a social Factor? a) Consumer attitudes and opinions b) Demographics (age, gender, race, family size,) c) Political Stability d) Immigration/emigration e) Ethnic/religious factors f) Tastes & Trends 4) Which of the following is an economic Factor? a) Political Stability b) Exchange rates c) Interest Rates d) Tax e) Inflation f) Disposable income 5) Which of the following is a technological Factor? a) Occupations b) Inventions c) Shareholder/ stakeholder needs/ demands d) Replacement technology/solutions e) Production level f) Wars and conflict 6) What is a Competitive Factor?  a) Automation b) Product Diffrentiation c) Imitators d) Production Speed / Quality e) Inflation f) Exchange rates

PESTLE External Factors Quiz




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