1) a red card means a player a) has played well b) has done good work c) is sent off d) is a very bad boy! 2) Which spelling is correct? a) exercise b) exarcise c) exercize d) execise 3) In football you ........ a ball. a) hit b) kick c) throw d) play 4) In tennis you __________ the ball. a) hit b) kick c) throw 5) This is a football __________________. a) match b) field c) pitch d) grass e) ground 6) This is a ________________ a) stadum b) stadeum c) stade d) stadium 7) What sport uses these? a) baseball b) volleyball c) cricket d) polo 8) The person riding the racehorse is a ________________ a) rider b) racer c) jockey d) horseman 9) The shape of a rugby ball is.... a) square b) oval c) round d) triangular




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