1) Who wrote A Christmas Carol? a) Charles Chickens b) Charles Dicken c) William Shakespeare d) Charles Dickens 2) What is the surname of Dickens’ miserable protagonist Ebenezer? a) Miser b) Meanie c) Scrooge d) Cheapskate 3) When he was young, Scrooge was in love with who? a) Belle b) Fan c) Mrs Fezziwig d) Dora 4) Who were the children shown to Scrooge by the Ghost of Christmas Present? a) Faith and Hope b) Ignorance and Want c) William and Mary 5) After being visited by the ghosts, Scrooge sent which item to the Crachits? a) Box of chocolates b) Box of toys c) Christmas pudding d) Turkey 6) The charwoman, the laundress and the undertaker’s assistant sold what they took from Scrooge to __________. a) Uncle Nick b) Big John c) Old Joe 7) What kind of business does Ebenezer own? a) Counting house b) Solicitors c) Bank d) A guest house 8) What does the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come show Ebenezer to make him change his ways? a) Heaven b) Hell c) His own grave d) A 2 for 1 offer on Christmas food 9) What is Marley’s ghost covered in when he appears to Ebenezer? a) Leaves b) Chains c) Tinsel d) Fairy lights 10) What year was A Christmas Carol written? a) 1943 b) 2010 c) 1643 d) 1843

Five a day A Christmas Carol 1


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