Have you seen each other since you left university? - No. We drifted apart and now we've lost touch., How did you celebrate your birthday? - Oh, we went out for a slap-up meal at a local restaurant., You look great! How do stay so healthy? - Well, I eat a balanced diet and do a lot of exercise., Do you and your partner have similar interests? - Yes, we do. We have a lot in common!, What's your favourite food? - Well, to be honest, I'm a fussy eater. I only eat vegetables., How do you usually keep in touch with your friends? - We text each other every day and sometimes facetime each other., How would you describe your personality? - Well, I'm quite easygoing. I get on well with everyone!, Do you like chocolate? - Yes, of course! I have a sweet tooth!, How did you meet your partner? - Well, we started talking at a party and hit it off straight away., How often do you eat fast food? - Rarely. I don't want to be obese!, Who's your closest friend? - Anna. She's my shoulder to cry on when I have a problem., Do you usually split the bill when you go out for dinner? - It depends on the occasion. Usually, my partner pays.,

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