1) What should the manager/leader always be aware of? a) Influences of external changes to legislation and practice b) Not observing the team and how they work with each other 2) Why should a manager/leader empower staff? a) To feel they can take risks and improve practice b) Not to feel valued as part of the team 3) Why should a manager/leader recognise staff skills? a) To identify when there is a need for further training b) To ensure there is no need for further training 4) Why should the manager/leader encourage staff to test and reflect? a) To be able to tell the manager what is going on and discuss ways to make improvements b) To ensure they are not taking the time to reflect properly 5) A manager can support staff by managing each person individually. a) True b) False 6) A manager can motivate staff by By celebrating each person's success. a) True b) False 7) A manager can encourage staff by letting them become bored? a) True b) False 8) Why should a manager encourage shared leadership roles? a) To enable staff to step up and lead when neccessary b) To enable them to print off important documents. 9) Good managers are not able to to identify and solve problems. a) True b) False 10) Good managers know what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. a) True b) False

Management and Leadership - BEST Principles




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