1) The statutory guidance when addressing safeguarding is called.... a) Safeguarding children 2010 b) Keeping children safe 2014 c) Child protection guidance 2016 d) working together to safeguard children 2015 2) Suitable people for working with children have.... a) an early years educator qualification  b) no criminal record c) a CRB d) a DBS 3) the staff to child ratio for children aged 2 in an early years setting is: a) 1:3 b) 1:4 c) 1:5 d) 1:6 4) From 3rd April 2017 all newly qualified entrants to the early years workforce must have a PFA certificate a) true b) false 5) staff have a duty to promote prejudice and discrimination a) true b) false 6) early years educators must ensure that children have appropriate food, rest and sleep a) true b) false 7) to ensure early years educators maintain confidentiality they should... a) Follow the Data Protection Act 1998 b) Not gossip c) not be friends with other practitioner on facebook d) not care for children they know from a personal relationship




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