1) a pavement with a crack 2) blue index cards 3) the taste of Woody Allen's kiss 4) sticky raspberry yogurt 5) an old Harry Potter novel 6) notes from a jealous husband 7) the sound of the surgeon's footsteps 8) seeing the Eifel Tower in August 9) someone's red leather journal 10) the sound of Henry crying 11) Berlin in the spring 12) the weather in Cincinnati 13) the smell of peach pie 14) the barefoot girl 15) the smell of spring 16) a child with wings 17) Susie's leftovers 18) pink fuzzy lint 19) a fiver left on the table 20) a green bird 21) a yellow bus 22) a half-eaten box of Quality Street 23) a man selling bananas 24) the smell of grandma's laundry room 25) a can of spray cream 26) the voice of his ex-wife 27) the taste of chicken 28) a chewed on pencil 29) the painful cuticle 30) yesterday's Daily Mail 31) orange spray paint 32) your mother's pearls 33) the bus shelter in the rain 34) a beekeeper's outfit 35) a man wearing a plant pot on his head 36) the whine of a lost dog 37) a bat circling the sky 38) the sound of Marcie's feet 39) a lime green deck chair 40) a ripe strawberry 41) the feel of spandex 42) a supermodel with a large cat 43) the smelly microwave at work 44) the last of the toothpaste 45) a rusty weathervane 46) the sound of the dishwasher 47) the gym 48) a broken umbrella 49) the garden hose 50) the taste of lipstick 51) mouldy oranges 52) the toenails of the yoga girl 53) a purple lollipop 54) a woman with 12 fingers 55) the smell of fresh mint 56) the smell of a t-shirt from a concert 57) ripped upholstery 58) an old letter from a pen pal 59) the fresh floor wax 60) a half-eaten tangerine

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