Ozy: Where is the traveller from?, Ozy: What has happened to the statue’s visage?, Ozy: Where do the words appear on the statue?, Ozy: What does "vast and trunkless" tell us about the statue?, Ozy: What is Shelley referring to by "the colossal wreck?", Ozy: Which literary device connects "boundless and bare", "lone and level", and "sand stretches.", Ozy: What is a Sonnet?, Ozy: Give an example of how Ozymandias shows his arrogance., Ozy: Give a quote to show how Ozymandias was like in life., Ozy: What is a 'tyrant', and how does Ozymandias fit this description., War Photographer: Where does the photographer develop his films?, War Photographer: Which specific places has the photographer visited?, War Photographer: What is the reaction of newspaper readers to the photos? , War Photographer: Give a specific memory the photographer experiences., War Photographer: Explain the quote"half-formed ghost.", War Photographer: What is meant by allusion?, War Photographer: What do the words "nightmare heat" imply?, War Photographer: Give an example of guilt from the poem?, War Photographer: Give a quote to show the theme of memory in the poem?, War Photographer: Give a quote to show the difference between the photographer's experience, and the general public's?, Remains: What were the soldiers sent to do?, Remains: What happened to the looter who runs away?, Remains: What is the soldier suffering from back at home?, Remains: Give 3 key memories that stay in the soldier's head., Remains: What does "I see broad daylight on the other side" tell us about violence?, Remains: What does the metaphor "dug in behind enemy lines" tell us about the memories?, Remains: What is meant by colloquial language?, Remains: Give an example of suffering in the poem., Remains: Give a quote to show the theme of guilt., Remains: How does Armitage show that the war continues at home. , Poppies: When were then poppies placed on the war graves?, Poppies: How did the mother remove the white cat hairs?, Poppies: Where did the mother visit at the end of the poem?, Poppies: Give 3 memories that the mother describes about her son., Poppies: What does "play at being Eskimos" mean?, Poppies: Explain the symbolism of releasing "a song bird from its cage.", Poppies: What is analepsis?, Poppies: Give an example of sadness in the poem., Poppies: Give a quote to show mother grieves for her son., Poppies: Summarise the feelings of the mother in the poem., Kamikaze: What time did the pilot leave?, Kamikaze: What was the first thing the pilot saw in the ocean?, Kamikaze: How did the people treat the pilot later in life?, Kamikaze: Give three memories that link to the sea., Kamikaze: Explain the symbolism of the "samurai sword.", Kamikaze: Explain the meaning of "he must have wondered which had been the better way to die.", Kamikaze: Give a definition of "narrative voice.", Kamikaze: How does the portrayal of the pilot change between the beginning of the poem and the end..

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