1) the time he caught a fly ball. 2) the thing he does with the newspaper. 3) the way he writes with both his left and right hands 4) the tear in her dress 5) the time Leslie called me a leech 6) the last time they saw a movie together 7) that weekend in Dublin 8) the day her mother slapped her face 9) the time Freddie went to the car wash and never came back 10) the lemon sherbet that melted all over the counter 11) the time he invited his mother to dinner 12) the hole in my sock 13) the bill i forgot to pay 14) the day Lilly learned to drive 15) the day Sheila brought Hillary to my office 16) the stain on the way 17) the way Herb defrosted the refrigerator 18) the thing she did to the brakes on the Honda 19) the way she made tea 20) the day I loaned Morgan £400

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