blend in with - be similar to its surroundings, stand out from - to be recognized as different or better, fit in with - If one thing fits in with another thing, they look pleasant together or are suitable for each other., break away from - stop being part of sth, opt out of - decide not to take part in sth or stop taking part in it, drop out of - leave school, etc before you have finished a course, join in - participate, take part, participate in - to take part in, dissociate - to break the ties between, separate from, stop associating with, to assimilate (into) - become part of a community, self-destructive - doing things that are likely to harm you or make you fail, tolerant - showing willingness to allow the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with., mainstream society - The way of life of most people in a culture, significant - important and meaningful, skew - measure of the asymmetry of a probability distribution, alter - change, estimate - A number that is not exact; a careful guess., flaunt - to show off; to display ostentatiously,

Pauline Cullen vocabulary IELTS U 3

Skor Tablosu



Şablonu değiştir


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