1) What does length mean in Turkish? a) Renk b) Şekil c) Uzunluk d) Kilo 2) Find the odd one a) Karate b) Cycling c) Archery d) Baseball 3) Choose the correct one a) Move to=Yetiştirmek b) Let me think=Üzerinde çalışmak c) Have a great talent=kariyer sahibi olmak d) Compose=Bestelemek,oluşturmak 4) Which sentence is correct? a) I start university last year b) They grew up in Turkey c) My parents is so energetic d) I'm good than you 5) Theres NO information about the ....... a) Time of the party b) Place of the party c) Date of the party d) Host of the party 6) Which one is false? a) burn b) post office c) pharmacy/chemist's d) greengrocer 7) About to the dialog which sentence is correct? a) Elif does not need to be flexible b) This is an indoor sport c) This is a water sport d) We need the ball to do this sport 8) Duru ........ every week a) swim b) swims c) swimming d) will swim 9) these animals always ......... a) lay eggs b) eat meat c) collect fruits d) have vegetables 10) What is the month between March and the May? a) July b) February c) April d) January 11) Choose the odd one a) Yogurt b) Milk c) Hazelnut d) Water 12) I always .......... tea but I never ......... coffee a) drink/drinks b) will drink/drink c) drinking/drinking d) drink/drink 13) Select the option that completes the dialog a) Has she got blue eyes? b) What colour hair has she got? c) What does your best friend look like? d) Is she beautiful or ugly 14) Comedy films are ........ action films a) funny than b) more funy c) funnier d) funnier than 15) Team A lost the match because it played ........... than team B a) bad b) badder c) worse d) worser

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