1) Oh my good! Today is your wedding anniversary .......... l will organize a party for you. a) Don't laugh b) Smile and be happy c) L can 't make it d) Don't make noise 2) Find the irrelevant sentence in the text above a) I b) II c) III d) IV 3) OoCeren and Emir ....... on holiday in england last year a) is b) Was c) Am d) Were 4) He ....... with his friends in the cinema two days ago a) Was b) Were c) is d) Did 5) I..... home after school and a shower yesterday. a) Return b) Returned c) Was returned d) Returning 6) He played football in the school garden last evrning and ..... his leg a) Breaked b) Was broke c) Break d) Broke 7) Michael jackson was a ....... singer and great dancer all around the world a) Shy b) Excited c) Famous d) Outgoing 8) When Atatük......,He was fifty seven years old. a) Born b) Grew c) Died d) Became 9) The tv was ....... invention of john logie baird a) The most successfull b) More succesful c) Succesful d) The successful 10) Albert einstein was the most ...... physicist of the 20th century. a) Unsuccessful b) Hardworking c) Lazy d) influential 11) Leonardo da vinci known aş painter sculptor and .....m a) Won't b) Sunday c) Excellent d) inventor 12) Fill in the blanks with the flooding verbs and find the extra one. a) Founded b) Died c) Was d) Born 13) Michael jackson a) Sang and write his sen songs b) Didn't reise any kids c) Was a short and fat man 14) Albert Einstein ...... A famous scientist in his lifetime a) Was b) Were c) is d) Are 15) How is the past of "leave"? a) Leaved b) Leaves c) Right d) Left 16) Aşağıdakilerden hangisi diğerlerinden farklı ? a) Come b) Wrote c) Began d) Painted 17) What time ....... to bed last night? a) You did go b) You went c) Went you d) Did you go 18) I ....... to school yesterday because l will ill. a) Went b) Don't go c) Didn't go d) Go 19) Yaşar kemal ........ A lot of novels . His books are very popular a) Discovered b) Wrote c) Composed d) invented




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