Arguments in Favour of Zoos: Zoos put more emphasis on conservation not recreation., Breeding programmes can help to restore threatened species, Most zoo animals are bred in captivity, not taken from the wild, Zoos take in abandoned and unwanted animals, Zoos protect endangered species from poaching or habitat loss, Zoos allow research to take place which may help conservation, Zoos bring animals and people together to educate the public, Animals are well cared for in an enriched environment, Zoos make money which can be used for conservation projects, Arguments Against Zoos: Animals should be left to go extinct - it's nature's way, People use zoos as a source of recreation not education, Animals have rights and capturing them for any reason is wrong, No matter how good the facilities are, the animals are still confined, The animals may become bored or stressed, Animals may escape and need to be shot, Petting zoos can be the source of disease outbreaks,

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