____y birthday is ____anuary 1st. ____hat did you do at the weekend? ____ went to the shops. ____hen we went on holiday my favourite day was the day we went to the beach. ____t was so hot and sunny all day. ____hen cakes are made the mixture is runny but when they come out of the oven they are spongy. ____elicious! ____hat time are you coming round? ____ thought we could watch ____arry ____otter. ____esterday ____ took my dog for a walk. ____e went to ____hirley ____ark. ____is name is ____exter. ____y ____randad has many birds visit his garden. ____y favourite superhero is ____atman and his sidekick ____obin. ____aura is our ____ersonal ____utor. ____y favourite girl band is the ____pice ____irls.




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