unemployed - Out of work, especially involuntarily; jobless, impolite - Rude, indirect - Not done or communicated in a direct way; happening in addition to an intended result, often in a way that is complicated or not obvious, irrelevant - Not related to what is being discussed or considered, disapproval - The expression or feeling that something done or said is wrong, anticlimax - An event or experience that causes disappointment because it is less exciting than was expected or because it happens immediately after a much more interesting or exciting event:, misunderstand - To think you have understood someone or something when you have not, countermeasure - An action that is designed to reduce the effect of something harmful, uncertain - Not having sure knowledge, underachiever - Someone who is less successful than they should be at school or at work, unrealistic - Not reasonable, or not likely to be achieved, unappreciated - Not recognized, as to quality or worth, inappropriate - Not acceptable or right for someone or something; not suitable, irrational - Not using reason or clear thinking, demotivated - Feeling less interested in and enthusiastic about your work, counterintuitive - Contrary to an intuitive belief or to commonsense expectations, non-event - A disappointing occasion that was not interesting, especially one that was expected to be exciting and important, counterbalance - To have an equal but opposite effect on something so that it does not have too much of a particular characteristic, countersign - To sign a document that someone else has signed already, overcapacity - Excess capacity for production or service, in relation to the level of demand, undercut - To sell at a lower price than or to work for lower wages or fees than (a competitor)., overworked - Being subjected to too much work,

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