Resignation - Where an employee notifies an organisation of their intention to end their contract of employment., Disciplinary Procedure - To be fair, this must comply with the ACAS Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance., Misconduct - Where the conduct of an individual fall below the required standard for the organisation., Capability - This can either relate to the ill health or performance of an employee., Wrongful Dismissal - Could be claimed where an employer has not paid the required notice pay on dismissal., Capability Procedure - This may be the procedure instigated where an employee is not performing in their role, and could result in dismissal., Gross Misconduct - Behaviour which is so serious it may lead to summary dismissal., Redundancy Procedure - The procedure which an organisation uses to ensure the legal requirements are met with regard to redundancy., Constructive Dismissal - Can be the result where a disgruntled employee resigns from their position., Summary Dismissal - Dismissal without notice or notice pay (although still need to follow a fair procedure)., Redundancy - Where a particular type of work activity is no longer required at that place of work., Attendance Procedure - The procedure which an organisation uses to manage attendance, which may also include the process for dismissal due to ill health and poor attendance., Consultation - Two way communication and information sharing., Burchell Test - Based on case law, this is the test used to determine the fairness of a dismissal. Was there a genuine belief, based on reasonable grounds after a reasonable investigation, of the guilt of an employee of the misconduct at the time? Was the sanction of dismissal reasonable?,




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