1) Are you allowed to change the gender listed for the member? a) No, customer can only do it online himself. b) No, but you can add one that is missing. c) Yes, but only for the authorized members. d) No. e) Yes, but only for the members under 18. f) Yes. 2) Are you allowed to change known traveler number? a) No b) Yes. c) Yes for any authorized or not authorized member. d) Yes , but only for the members with power of attorney. e) Yes, as far as I can do it online for him. f) No, customer must do it himself online. 3) If the caller has the name Elizabeth on the account, are you allowed to change it to Beth? a) No, under any circumstances we should change the name. b) Yes, we can change the name whenever customer requests it. c) Yes, but I can only change first name. d) No, but I can add second surname. e) No, but I can change middle name only. f) Yes, that is an acceptable nickname. 4) Are you allowed to edit a date of birth? a) Yes. b) No. c) I can amend it at any time. d) No, but you can add one hat is missing. e) I cannot make any changes to date of birth. f) Yes, but only for a minor. 5) Can I provide  full information about the account for the parent of an adult member? a) Yes. b) Yes, but only after they provide security questions. c) No, but I can update an address for them. d) No, I cannot provide any information. e) No. f) No, but I can provide he mileage balance and expiration date.




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