What do you usually do in your spare time?, Do you often watch TV? If so, what is your favourite programme?, Do you prefer to spend time alone or with friends?, What form of transport do you prefer to use? Why?, Do you like to play sports?, What kinds of thing make you laugh?, Do you usually see your friends during the week or at weekends?, In what ways are your friends important to you?, Do you live in a house or a flat?, What would you like to change about your home? Why?, Which musical instrument do you like listening to most? (Why?), What was your favourite book or story when you were a child?, Are clothes and clothing fashions important to you? (Why/Why not?), Do you prefer working alone or with others? Why?, Do you work or are you a student?, Where are you from? Do you like your home town? (Why?), Do you like dancing?, Do you prefer home-cooked food or food from restaurants?, Would you prefer to live somewhere else? (Why?), How often do you make telephone calls?, Do you sometimes prefer to send a text message instead of telephoning?, Do you have any hobbies?, Do you usually read for leisure or for work purposes?, How has your hometown changed over the years?, How is your home decorated?, Are there any traditional clothes in your country?, Have you ever bought clothes online?, How important is the internet to you?, What are your favourite websites?, Do you think you use the internet too much?, How is the weather today?, What is the climate like in your country?, Does bad weather ever affect transport in your country?, Has the internet affected your TV viewing habits?, What was your favourite TV show when you were a child?, How do people in your country stay fit?.

Speaking Part 1 - test questions

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