1. Give/introduce ideas and opinions : I think…I believe…, In my opinion…, From my point of view ..., On one hand that is correct but …., Another point of view is that …, 2. Asking if you don’t understand : What do you mean?, Sorry, but I don’t understand what you mean., Could you repeat that please?, Could you say that again please?, Pardon?, 3. Making suggestions/Giving advice: I suggest that… How about…, It would be a good idea to…, We should / ought to / can / could / must, We have to / need to…, If I were (him / her / you), I would …., In order to solve this problem, we should, I think one way to tackle this issue is to, 4. Agreeing: I agree with you. , I think you’re right., I partly / totally agree with you, That’s absolutely correct., That’s a brilliant idea., What you are saying is true and I agree with you., 5. Asking others about their opinion: What do you think?, What about you?, What’s your opinion?, What about you, do you agree?, Do you agree with me or not?, Why? Why not?, 6. Disagreeing : I’m afraid I don’t agree with you because…, I see what you mean but…, I totally disagree with you because…, What you are saying is untrue and I disagree with you because ….., We’ll have to agree to disagree,

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