I'd have this for a midnight snack., I'd eat this for my first meal after returning home from abroad., It's really delicious, but it isn't very good for your health., This is a bit of an acquired taste., I'd like to eat this on a picnic., My parents made me eat this when I was a child., I loved this when I was a child, but I wouldn't eat it now., It smells really good., It's a bit too spicy for me., It's very fatty but tastes delicious., It tastes disgusting., This is my favourite dish., The first thing I ever cooked., It's good to eat in the summer when it's hot., It's good to eat in the winter when it's cold., It takes ages to make but is well worth the wait..


Rastgele tekerlek açık uçlu bir şablondur. Bir lider panosu için puan oluşturmaz.



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