1) 0. Вступление a) The picture shows two girls with the dog. b) The picture shows two girls. c) The picture shows the dog. d) The picture shows a family. 2) 1. The place a) They are happy. b) The girls and their pet are in the park. c) The family is outside. 3) 2. The action a) The girls and the dog like to walk. b) They are playing. c) The girls and the dog are having fun. 4) 3. The appearance of the person a) The girl is about 10 years old. b) She is wearing casual clothes, a brown T-shirts and a skirt c) She laughs and looks happy. 5) 4. Whether you like the picture or not a) I like the picture. b) It's OK. c) The weather is sunny and warm. 6) 5. Why a) It is full of positive emotions. b) Tt's autumn.  c) It is bright and colorful 7) 6. Заключение a) That's all. b) Thank you for listening. c) Good bye.

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