1) When you fill out forms by hand, you should use black ink and capital letters. a) True b) False 2) What does DOB stand for? a) Dibble of Babble b) Direct or Broadband c) Death of Books d) Date of Birth 3) When filling out an application form it's important to try and spell everything correctly. a) True b) False 4) If you find it difficult to write neatly and clearly on an application form, what could you do? a) Write however you want b) Ask the company if they email you an electronic copy c) Hand in a form with messy writing and incorrect spellings 5) What does previous employment usually mean on an application form? a) The last/current employer you worked/work for b) Any employer c) I don't know 6) On the 'previous employment history' part of the form, you should always start with your most recent or current employment. a) True b) False


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