1) Splitting people into a common group is known as a) market splitting b) market segmentation c) common ground d) factors of production 2) Which of these is a sector of industry a) public b) private c) secondary d) third 3) A social enterprise has a) unpaid employees b) paid employees c) maximised profit d) always one owner 4) Which of the following is a sector of economy a) Primary b) Secndary c) Tertiary d) Public 5) a benefit of good customer service is a) customers wont return b) profits may decrease c) reputation will increase d) no difference 6) which of the following could you use to gather desk research a) online survery b) telephone survey c) pre existing documents d) focus groups 7) PESTEC is the acronym for a) internal factors b) external factors c) environmental factors d) competitors 8) Which of these is not a stakeholder of Bishopbriggs Academy? a) local gardener b) local resident c) local parent d) local shop 9) The product life cycle..  a) intro, growth, maturity, decline b) intro, maturity, growth, decline c) growth, maturity, decline, intro 10) Stakeholders buy shares in the business a) true b) false




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