The dog went for him - The dog attacked him, She hadn't bargained on this - She hadn't expected this, It suddenly dawned on her - She suddenly realised, I feel for you - I sympathise with you, She got over her illness - She recovered from her illness, The police looked into it - The police investigated it, He gave me the book back - He returned the book to me, They talked it over - They discussed it, She did up her laces - She tied her laces, You wound them up - You deliberately got them angry, He called on her - He visited her, She made for the living room - She went towards the living room, He launched into a long speech - He began a long speech, She hit on a brilliant plan - She thought of a brilliant plan, The logo stands for the company - The logo symbolises the company, This mustn't come between us - This mustn't divide us, He takes after his mother - He is like his mother, They called the trip off - They cancelled the trip, She saw him off at the station - She said goodbye to him at the station, He chatted her up - He flirted with her, She gets on well with him - She has a good relationship with him, They dreamt up this way of doing it - They invented this way of doing it, They laid on a good meal - They provided a good meal, He jumped at the idea - He was really enthusiastic about the idea, He played down its importance - He minimised its importance, They reeled off poem after poem - They recited poem after poem, John brought up three children - John raised three children, They put us up for the night - They gave us a bed for the night, I bumped into her at the station - I met her by chance at the station, He put off his visit - He postponed his visit, They pieced together what happened - They reconstructed what happened, She doesn't hold with dog fighting - She doesn't agree with dog fighting, He thought up a solution - He invented a solution, She pulled his argument apart - She destroyed his argument, He was called up - He was conscripted, She put the fire out - She extinguished the fire,

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