The number of waves per second - How is the frequency of a wave best described?, 0.05s - If the frequency of a wave is 20Hz, what is the period of the wave?, The amplitude of a wave is half the height from peak to trough or the distance from the rest positions (middle) to peak or trough. - What is the amplitude of a wave that is 0.6m from peak to trough?, The defintion of any speed is the distance travelled in a known time period, in this case = 1 second. - How is the speed of a wave defined?, 2.5Hz - If the period of wave is 400ms (0.4s) , what is the frequency of the wave?, 5m - What is the wavelength of the wave?, Sound waves are longitudinal waves. - Which of the following is a longitudinal wave?, 2040m - If a student sees the flash of lightning strike and then hears the thunder six seconds later, how far away is the storm?, 1500m s -1 - If an ultrasound pulse travels a total distance of 6 cm (0.06 m) to and from an organ and takes 40µs (4x10 -5s) what is the speed of sound in the tissue?, 0.75m s -1 - If a water wave has a wavelength of and a frequency of 1440Hz, what is the speed of the water wave?, 0.24m - If a sound wave in air has a frequency of , what is the wavelength of the wave?, 3.37m - What is the wavelength of a radio wave of frequency 89 MHz?, 5x1014 Hz - A streetlamp can emit a light of wavelength 6x10-7m. What is the frequency of this light?, 0.24s - If the distance to a satellite is 36,000km , how long does it take a signal to get from the transmitting station to a receiving station back on Earth? Be careful there are two points to watch for., Diffraction is when a wave bends around an object. - What is diffraction?, Long waves diffract more than short waves. - Which of the following radio signals will reach a village in the bottom of a valley best?,

N5 Physics - Wave parameters and behaviours

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