What kind of small shops are there near where you live?, What kind of shops do you most like going to?, What are your favourite clothes shop? why?, What is your favourite shoe brand? why?, Where is the best place to buy books in your town?, How often do you go shopping?, Do you prefer shopping alone or with people?, What do you hate buying?, Do you shop more online or in shops? why?, Where do you go when you want to find a bargain, What was the most expensive thing you have ever bought? was it worth it?, How much does it cost to get your hair cut?, Do you ever shop in second-hand shops?, How long would it take you to spend 1,000,000 euros? what would you buy?, What do you spend the most money each month?, Is window shopping a total waste of time?, What is the thing you forget most often when you go shopping?, Are you saving money to buy something?, Have you ever been in debt?, What is something that you have bought recently that was a good bargain?, Do you enjoy haggling? why why not?, What is a suitable punishment for shoplifters?, Do you think you spend too much money on anything?, Have you ever bought something just because of an advert?, Have you ever been to an auction?, What sort of things need to be bought through an agent?, can you tell us about the best market you have been to?, Have you ever had a bad experience of shopping?, Do you sell anything online? what?, What is the most you have ever spent in one purchase?.


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