ADVENTURE TOURISM - This kind of tourism is becoming very famous amongst adventure seekers, who are always in the quest of something new to satisfy their adrenaline rush., BUSINESS TOURISM - This type of tourism involves attending meetings, conferences, and seminars, visiting exhibitions and trade fairs, and so on., CULTURAL TOURISM - This type of tourism involves activities, such as history of a given region, the lifestyle of people in a particular geographical locale, architecture, oral traditions, religions, festivals, cuisine, and so on., DARK TOURISM - This type of tourism involves visiting those places and sites, which have been witnesses to some of the major tragedies in history. , ECOTOURSIM - tourism directed towards exotic natural environments, intended to support conservation efforts and observe wildlife, HEALTH TOURISM - The practice of travelling abroad in order to receive medical treatment., SUSTAINABLE TOURISM - Is the concept of visiting a place as a tourist and trying to make only a positive impact on the environment, society, and economy.,




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