1) Controls the cell a) Chloroplast b) Ribosome c) Mitochondria d) Nucleus 2) Where chemical reactions happen a) Cell wall b) Plasmid c) Nucleus d) Cytoplasm 3) Controls what enters and leaves the cell a) Mitochondria b) Cell wall c) Cell Membrane d) Nucleus 4) Site of respiration, releases energy from food a) Nucleus b) Chloroplast c) Cytoplasm d) Mitochondria 5) Supports the cell, made of cellulose a) Cell wall b) Vacuole c) Cell Membrane d) Mitochondria 6) Site of photosynthesis a) Chloroplast b) Cell wall c) Nucleus d) Cell Membrane 7) Contains cell sap, stores food a) Cell wall b) Mitochondria c) Vacuole d) Nucleus 8) Site of protein synthesis a) Plasmid b) Chloroplast c) Cytoplasm d) Ribosome 9) Ring of DNA only found in bacteria a) Cell Membrane b) Plasmid c) Nucleus d) Cell wall

Quiz Cell structure functions (national 5)

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