1) I dislike ________ to the movies by myself. a) going b) to go c) going/to go 2) We started ________ dinner without you. a) eating b) to eat c) eating/to eat 3) I can't imagine ________ my own house. a) buying b) to buy c) buying/to buy 4) I used ________ that television show all the time. a) watching b) to watch c) watching/to watch 5)  I always eat breakfast before ________ to school. a) going b) to go c) going/to go 6) When do you practise ________ the piano? a) playing b) to play c) playing/to play 7) My grandmother prefers ________ science fiction books. a)  reading b) to read c) reading/to read 8) My teacher said my essay needs ________ by tomorrow. a) correcting b) to correct c) corrected 9) I am used ________ her in a bad mood. a) to seeing b) to see c) seeing 10) Our neighbour used _____ a pipe. a) smoking b) to smoking c) to smoke

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