1) What country is a Democracy? a) North Korea b) Sweden c) USA d) United Kingdom e) Cuba f) Vietnam 2) What is an example of a right you have living in a Democracy? a) To vote b) To protest c) To not own a pet d) To an education e) To not have a trial f) To not chose our representatives 3) An example of a Devolved Power a) Health b) Defence c) Education d) Foreign Affairs e) Tourism f) Employment 4) An example of Reserved Powers a) Defence b) Foreign Affairs c) Health d) Tourism e) Education f) Employment 5) Examples of Powers of the First Minister a) Appoints Cabinet b) Responsible for Reserved Matters c) Chairs Cabinet Meetings d) Head of the Conservative Party e) Foreign Relations/Affairs 6) How many regional MSP's do we have? a) 5 b) 6 c) 7 d) 8 e) 9 f) 10 7) How many constituency MSP's do we have? a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4 e) 5 f) 6 8) What do MSP's do in the Scottish Parliament? a) Law Making/Voting b) Surgeries c) FMQ's Time d) Engage with the Media e) Committees f) Attend Local Events 9) What do MSP's do in their Constituencies? a) Surgeries b) FMQ's Time c) Attend Local Events d) Committees e) Engage with the media f) Law Making/Voting 10) What do Committees do? a) Scrutinise Govt Work b) Decide on the budget c) Scrutinise Legislation d) Choose the cabinet e) Gather evidence 11) What group is currently under-represented in the Scottish Parliament? a) Women b) BAME c) Men d) LGBTQ+ 12) Advantages of AMS a) Produces a Fairer Result b) Nobody votes for Coalitions c) Smaller parties are better represented d) Confusing system e) Creates coalition Govt's f) Party chooses MSP, not voters 13) Disadvantages of AMS a) Nobody votes for Coalitions b) Produces a Fairer Result c) Confusing system d) Smaller parties are better represented e) Party chooses MSP, not voters f) Creates coalition Govt's

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