Bullet points - Separate information into short bits of text. Make it easier to find specific information.,  Colour - Creates an emotional effect. Connects with different feelings., Charts - Represent data and developing trends., Columns - Vertical layout makes the text easier to read. Break up the layout., Font types / sizes - Used for serious, formal or light-hearted texts. Makes important words stand out., Headings / titles - Tell the reader what the text is about. Grab the reader’s attention., Graphics, pictures, logos - Show what the text is about. Makes a text more interesting to read. , Numbering - Show things that are in a set order., Paragraphs - Subdivide a main topic. Give a well-organised and logical structure., Sub-headings - Identify what a section of the text is about. Break up the text into chunks., Capital letters - Emphasise certain words or phrases., Captions - Explain a picture or illustration., Text boxes - Include interesting facts/important information. Provide more information than is in the text., Exclamation marks - Show shock, surprise or emphasise other emotions. , Brackets - Provide extra information, contain facts, separate important words., Question marks - At the end of a sentence to show a direct/rhetorical question., Sentence length - The writer is consciously creating effects for the reader., Slogan - To advertise a specific aspect of a product or service., Strap-line - A subsidiary heading or caption in a newspaper or magazine., Tagline - A short, powerful phrase that is associated with your company name.,

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